Wine Snohomish WA
Wine Snohomish WA


We are a boutique, high quality and small production family winery committed to producing a wine of excellence that is worthy of sharing at your special occasions in life with your loved ones and your community.

Last year’s 2020 vintage proudly received awards and ratings from prestigious critics such as Wine Enthusiast Magazine, International Wine Report, Seattle Wine Awards, International Wine Critic Owen Bargreen, and the Wine Panel… from 93, 94, 95 points, to cellar’s selection, best in category and editor’s choice. 

We are very excited to announce the release of our NEW 2021 vintage. We knew from the very beginning that this vintage was special, and we are thrilled to finally share it with you to experience for yourselves. Our private membership release event is Mar 8th, Fri from noon to 8pm and Mar 9th, Sat from 6-9pm.

We invite you to be a part of our Rush Lattin community whether you shop our wines on the WINES page, or decide to become a member on the MEMBERS page. Our wines are produced in small quantities and can quickly sell through limiting our inventory. 

Our Intention

At Rush Lattin Cellars, we are grateful for you, our community, family and friends, and seasoned palates interested in joining us in expanding your wine horizons.

Over the past 6 years we have pursued with passion the objective of making one of Washington’s finest Syrahs. Although this may be a difficult pursuit, we choose to boldly declare our intentions to dream and live dangerously, and to make a wine that brings a pause, a different thought, or a smile, and to be a worthy option to share with someone special.

We would like to invite you to the table over a bottle of Rush Lattin to share your dreams, stories of greatness, and your next bold adventures. Our hopes are that you will declare your dreams and pursue them with passion as our ancestor, Rush Lattin.

Our Values

Ownership: We believe in taking ultimate responsibility for every step of the process in our pursuit of making an exceptional wine from the vineyard to your table.

Innovation: We know that the enemy of excellence is good enough. “Innovation starts by questioning the certainty of the way we think things are and being willing to step into the unknown where pure possibility exists.” -- Larry Ransom

Family: We believe our community is our family. We live to connect with family and friends and to provide a context for love, grace and gratitude for our fellow human beings. For us the “table” transcends just eating and drinking... it is a place for honoring and encouraging the human spirit, expressing new ideas, nurturing relationships while evolving one’s palate.

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